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Award winning inventor, Mark Collins, the recipient of Popular Mechanics Inventor of the Year 2014, SAB Social Innovation award 2014, and the Emerging Genius 2014 award, used his passion & love of nature to create a beehive that is both superior in design and aesthetics, BeePak. The worlds first composite flat pack and insulated beehive, has a plethora of design elements making it tougher, easier to clean, insulated to moderate temperature, predator proof and one of the most effective honey producing hives ever designed.

At a chance social encounter, over a glass of wine, a common interest set off a brain storming session that led to a partnership with Nina Steininger who shares the same passion for creativity, nature and sustainability, while enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


Together we are a blend of conscious, passionate determination culminating in innovative high quality products and experiences.

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